How To Obtain A Certificate Of Good Standing For Your Business

We all want our small businesses to maintain a good reputation as we operate them but how can you prove its good reputation outside of what customers post on Google, Yelp or Facebook?

If you ever decide to make the decision to do something like conduct business in an additional state (form a Foreign Entity), open a business banking account, get a loan or an investor, you will most likely need a certificate of good standing to show that your LLC or corporation is in compliance with the state it was formed in.

State Of New York Certificate Of Good Standing / Illinois Application Of Admission To Transact Business Form

To obtain one, go to your Secretary of State's website to download and print the form to mail in with your payment. The cost ranges anywhere from $10 to $25.00 and it usually takes about two weeks to receive the state approved document. Your business must be active and not be in violation with corporate rules or your request may get denied. If you requested one through a legal forms agency, they may offer assistance with getting your business back compliant.

Another thing to know is; if you are planning to conduct business in an additional state, you will also need file a "foreign entity LLC" form after receiving your certificate. Depending on the state you are looking to extend your business to, the fee can range anywhere from $100 to $750.00. To find your secretary of state, visit:

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