Are Real Business Cards Modern Enough?

Whether a physical business card is still needed today is up for debate.

There's nothing like getting to show off your company or brand. In a world that is becoming more impersonal by the day, after meeting someone at a networking event, it might feel slightly awkward to give them one of your business cards. It's kind of hard to know when to make the first move, and with all of today's card scanning apps for your smartphone, many will think still having them is like owning a pet dinosaur.

Some people may not be impressed at all while others will marvel at and appreciate the thought and money put into your business cards. They will most likely be more inclined to connect with and take you more seriously.

Business Card Design

Just think about're at an event and your phone dies and you're talking with a very interesting person whom you see as a possible collaborator, how will you swap information with them? Sure you can exchange email addresses but there's nothing like handing them a visual representation to remember you by. There's nothing wrong with having a proven backup like a real business card.

You also still may need physical cards for business locations you may want to drop some off at, put in a raffle bowl, or leave with a receptionist after a meeting.

If you are in need of a business card design visit:

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